Upselling Tips #01 – Choose the BEST type to upsell

[Upselling Tips #01 – Choose the BEST type to upsell]

There are so many types of offer you can create on e-commerce sites. You want to get more money from each customer, you have to choose the upsell type smartly.

  1. The Version Upgrade

You can ask shoppers to get a different version of a product you’re offering. It can be bigger, stronger, faster, better, prettier, … – you get the idea.

  1. Product Protection & The Bundle

In both online and offline, the β€œprotect your product” upsell is also efficient, For example, if you buy a phone, you can often get a screen replacement warranty. By that way, you can sell other product beside the main product without pushy.

Bundling is both cross-selling and upselling, but if you package related items together and show that it’s better value, you can definitely increase your sales of all the items in the bundle.

More over, Bundle can help you sell the inventories.

  1. Customization 

           Every customization the shoppers add increases the price. But, when they have choices to customize what they want, they can get the satisfaction when shopping.

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